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KatchALL Kontacts - Comm Only Agents

KatchALL Kontacts Your Data, Your Contacts, Your System. One central system that captures, stores and retrieves client
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10 December 2015

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KatchALL Kontacts for Commission Only Real Estate Agents
One central system that captures, stores and retrieves client contact information
DataKatch, developer of KatchALL Kontacts, is an industry expert in the development and design of management systems that help clients manage business-related data smarter, in order to use that data more effectively.
As a commission only real estate agent looking for a simple and efficient way to capture prospect details and follow up on leads, KatchALL Kontacts is the solution for you.
Providing you with one central system that is easy to navigate, whether you are office-based or mobile, contact information is cleverly recorded, filtered, saved and ready for future use.
Because your time and investment matters!
One of the major issues facing real estate agents today is information. First, there is the time and cost involved in obtaining it, and the question of what you do with the information once you have it.
Research into systems currently used in the industry revealed that current systems are cumbersome and not user friendly. Consequently, information is either not recorded correctly, or collected manually on paper and then stored in various formats such as spreadsheets, email programs, mobile devices or the CRM system of the office that you are contracted to.
Whether you're conducting an open home, hosting an event or attending a networking function, you need to be able to capture contacts and leads in one system for future use.
This information, or data, is a valuable asset of any commission only real estate agent looking to improve profitability and revenue through a systematic and personalised approach to marketing your services.
KatchALL Kontacts works successfully alongside existing customer relationship management systems - enabling data to be easily exported/imported to other platforms.

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